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  • Chocolate Cake

    Rich, Velvety, Decadent

    Back by popular demand!  The Chocolate Cake blend re-appears as our blend of the month for May.  Comprised of a mixture of Central and South American coffees at three different roast levels and naturally processed Ethiopian at two roast levels.  The result is a sweet blend with dried cherry tartness and a rich chocolatey finish.  Enjoy!

    100% Organically Grown and Fairly Traded

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  • Holiday Blend 2017

    Lively & Festive

    To celebrate another remarkable year we’ve created a truly special Holiday Blend for 2017!  Incorporating washed coffees from our closest trade partners in Guatemala and Mexico, naturally processed beans from Ethiopia, and two unique micro-lots from Costa Rica, the Holiday Blend is vibrant, festive and juicy with notes of citrus, wild fruit, caramel, and a spectacular aftertaste.   This blend is distinguished by the two exclusive micro-lots from small Costa Rican farms where care and attention to detail are paramount.  One of these coffees is naturally processed like our Ethiopian component, the other is done in the “white honey” style.  Together they represent something exotic and special.  From all of us at Oso Negro, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

    67% Organic and Fairly Traded

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  • Holiday Sampler (3 assorted freshly roasted half pounds and our holiday chocolates)

    Unsure of what to get for that special coffee lover in your life this holiday season?  Try our new Holiday Sampler!  Each sampler includes:

    • 1/2 lb of Full Organic Blend
    • 1/2 lb of Prince of Darkness
    • 1/2 lb of seasonal Holiday Blend
    • one box of our Holiday Coffee Chocolate (Oso coffee crushed into 60% dark, certified organic fairly traded chocolate bark)


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  • Justicia

    100% Guatemalan


    It is with great pride that we are able to offer Justicia, a medium-dark certified organic coffee from the CCDA organization in Guatemala.  Unlike Fair Trade certified co-ops, the CCDA chooses not to pay into the FLO system, seeking out routes of direct trade instead.  One such route is the BC CASA, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver that focuses on human rights and social justice in Guatemala.  By purchasing this coffee through the BC CASA, Oso Negro is able to directly support fine coffee and social justice both at home and in Guatemala.  We hope to do more of this in the future!  For more information, please contact us, visit www.cafejusticia.ca.  We hope that you appreciate the cause while enjoying the coffee!

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  • Night Owl

    Dark and secretive!  The Night Owl Blend was created for the Shambhala Music Festival several years ago and has been hiding out ever since.  This blend combines coffee from Central America, Indonesia and Africa to build a taste that offers many layers of intimacy.  Enjoy!

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

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  • Full Organic Blend

    smooth and full

    Our most popular medium blend, Full Organic creates a delicate cup highlighted by graham-cracker-sweetness and smooth, mild nuts. Buttery coffee from Central and South America is paired with mildly earthy Sumatran, resulting in a balanced, creamy blend.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

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  • Meteor Blend

    velvety, firm, colourful

    One of our most popular blends, Meteor carefully balances a deep rich body with subtle tones of chocolate, roasted nuts and earth.   A very smooth fusion of Central and South American and Sumatran beans.  Meteor is a highly recommended espresso blend.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

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  • Prince of Darkness

    hearty, snappy, loud

    Very dark with an exotic edge, the Prince of Darkness is our most popular blend.  Fruit and spice notes fuse with deep, rich smokiness to create an exceptional blend with body and soul.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

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  • Princess of Darkness

    rich, smooth, deep

    The Princess of Darkness Blend provides a big, clean mouth feel, smooth butteriness and a hint of rich, savoury nut.  Our darkest blend, still faintly sweet like caramel, the Princess is a great choice for making a powerful dark drip.

    80% Organically Grown and Fairly Traded

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