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Very Dark

“When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.” – Yoda

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  • Prince of Darkness

    hearty, snappy, loud

    Very dark with an exotic edge, the Prince of Darkness is our most popular blend.  Fruit and spice notes fuse with deep, rich smokiness to create an exceptional blend with body and soul.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

    Price: $ 9.25$ 18.00 Select options
  • Princess of Darkness

    rich, smooth, deep

    The Princess of Darkness Blend provides a big, clean mouth feel, smooth butteriness and a hint of rich, savoury nut.  Our darkest blend, still faintly sweet like caramel, the Princess is a great choice for making a powerful dark drip.

    80% Organically Grown and Fairly Traded

    Price: $ 9.25$ 18.00 Select options
  • Deeply Organic

    smooth, full, rich

    The Deeply Organic Blend is a creamy combination of big body, rich nuttiness, and dark chocolate thanks to smokey Sumatran and smooth Central and South American roasts.  An excellent choice as a drip extraction or a very dark espresso.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

    Price: $ 9.25$ 18.00 Select options
  • Valhalla Blend

    well rounded, with an edge

    A very dark version of the original Selkirk Blend, the Valhalla is as sweet as it is dark.  Faint spice, raspberry and chocolate ice cream notes are the result of combining Central and South American, Ethiopian, and Sumatran roasts.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

    Price: $ 9.25$ 18.00 Select options
  • Darker Roasted Simply Sustainable

    hearty, rich

    Darker Roasted Simply Sustainable is a very dark blend of three different Central and South American roast levels.  The result is a cup of coffee that offers depth, body, and a very faint acidity, with hints of malt, cinnamon and chocolate.

    100% Organically Grown and Ethically Traded

    Price: $ 9.25$ 18.00 Select options